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Private Dive Guiding and PADI Courses

Welcome to The ScubaDuo where there is no need to rush, no need to follow the crowd and you can relax and enjoy your dive experience.  Whether you choose private dive guiding or private PADI courses, we are here to focus on one thing: YOU.  The only company on Bonaire that provides 2 Certified PADI Instructors for each booking*. This allows us to ensure you have a safe, memorable and fun experience! 
*Min. 2 guests

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About The ScubaDuo

PADI Instructor’s, Eric and Stacy Olson, were in search of a home in the Caribbean where they could trade in their stressful American lifestyles for the low key island life. When they arrived on the island of Bonaire, the world premier shore diving capital, they realized they found what they were looking for and never left.

The ScubaDuo offers a highly exclusive, private, fun and flexible experience.
Private Dive Guiding and Private PADI Courses, Discover Scuba Diving (a safe way to try SCUBA without certification), Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, and Dive Master. We also offer specialties: Deep Diver, Wreck Specialty, Nitrox, and Gas Blender.


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Private Dive Guiding

Private Dive Guiding

$149 per person 

2 Dives (same day) 

Min. 2 guests

$69 Additional Dive/Same Day


EXTRA: Gear Rental $50 per person

OPTIONAL: $125 Custom

Underwater Video

Coral Reef
Scuba Diver and Corals

Discover Scuba Diving

(Non-Certified Option)

$179 per person

Includes 1 Dive

(Min 2 persons)

$89 Additional for 2nd Dive Same Day

(includes gear and tank)

OPTIONAL: $125 Custom Video


Ostracod or Night Dive

Private Ostracod Dive
Private Night Dive

$89 per person
Includes tanks
Gear Rental Extra

A private ostracod dive is the only way to fully enjoy the spectacular bioluminescence underwater display.

Reservations must be booked in advance. This natural phenomenon only occurs once per month, 4-7 days after the full moon.

Coral Reef
The pathway to chill!_#roatanhonduras #b

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